Futuristic Shopify Stores offering Digital Products

#1 Into the Great Divide: Digital Album

Music artist Into The Great Divide offers merchandise like T-shirts and vinyls alongside a digital download of their album – all in the same store!

#2 Life is Messy and Brilliant: Planning online and offline

Jennifer of Life is Messy and Brilliant blogs about creativity and bullet journalling, and offers both digital and physical products for the creative planner.

#3 PeachCréme: Creative Services and Branding Designs

PeachCréme is a small creative studio and printing company that offers physical prints as well as a logo and branding design service – you can download the logo and business card design directly!

#4 Materia Collective: Digital Sheet Music

In addition to offering musical albums and branded merch, Materia Collective offers downloads for digital sheet music for dedicated fans.

#5 Relaxing White Noise: 10-hour long white noise tracks

Relaxing White Noise has a popular YouTube channel with various white noise tracks for focus, relaxation and sleep, with digital downloads of tracks for listeners on the go.

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